Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Perfect Showers

You know how you take them good good showers! The ones when you get in there you just wanna stay 
That was the type of shower I was taking tonight ..... with all the noise during the day ..... quiet showers at night are the best 
So while I'm in the shower I started thinking           What Am I Good At?! 
I mean I'm 19 years old and I have No Hobbies or Talents ........... [[SAD]] 
So I made a mental Checklist: 

  •  Singing .......... [[Uh maybe when I was little but I lost that voice over the years]] 
  • I do not know how to play a instrument    [[Not even the flute or drums]] My mom bought me a keyboard for Xmas one year ....... its sitting in the closet collecting dust #Fail 
  • Then  I begged for a sewing machine the next year because I want to be a fashion designer ..... [[Sigh]] I took the sewing machine out the box probably ten times with 5 years IDK even know where the sewing machine is right now 
  • Over the summer when I went to my dads house I thought that maybe I might enjoy working out ((Since he has a mini weight room)) #Fail Woke up early one morning and never did it again 
  • HS I barely played sports .... I'm a tall girl so I tired out for the basketball team wondering if maybe it was fit for me ....... WRONG another fail I couldn't even make a shot from the _______ line idk wht its called lol 
  • So in the spring I ran track and at first I ran because I thought I might enjoy running [[ I see white ppl running all the time and I wanted to see if I'll enjoy it as much as they do lol]] Running was ok ..... I liked it took my mind off of things but It still wasnt for me =( 
  • Not the best cook either mom left one weekend I was in charge for the cooking that was the biggest fail of my life Annie (sister) wanted Burger King instead of my food =( 
Then I realize I Fucking Suck Yo! I have no Hobbies no hidden talent I mean what can I give back? Seriously There is nothing that I can give back or just enjoy! Maybe I should take this summer and think about What Are My True Hobbies .................... Because I 


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  1. ...You're a good writer. Nice to know i'm not the only who thinks way too much when i'm in the shower, lol.