Friday, June 25, 2010

His Shoes Will Never Be Filled

I remember when I Fell In Love With Michael Jackson
I was like in the 5th Grade and Rush Hour 2 Came Out
&& Michael was dropping his album around the same time of the premiere of the Movie
His video You Rocked My World was everywhere
I would record it on VHS and rewind and watch it over and over again
I begged my mom for his CD I mean BEGGED!
For Christmas my mom bought me madd CDs I Mean a lot
But My Number one favorite was
Michael Jackson Invisible ... <3 I played that CD over and over
I was young and most of Michael prime years was when my mother was young !!!
But I loved this guy music and I Always Will
I ♥ MJ & I will Always Love His Music =)
I Listen to his music not just today but at least 3Xs a week =)
My Favorite Song of his is SPEECHLESS and my Favorite video is REMEMBER THE TIME
I Miss You Mike <3

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