Tuesday, June 29, 2010

I Want To Kiss You But That Would Only Complicate Things

Touch Your Face & Look In Your Eyes & Tell You My Secrets 

Be The Face You Awake To & The Face You 
Fall Asleep To At Night ♥ 

Lay In Bed All Morning On Saturdays & Play Child Like Love Games 
Never Growing Old In Each Others Eyes & Spending so Much Time 

Brush Your Hair After a Hair Cut and Kiss Your Neck & Tell You I Love You! 
Trusting You When I Feel Alone ... Because You Would Be My Other Half 

Taking Pointless Trips To Keep The Excitement 

Seeing The World With You & Loving Every Minute 

Spending a day without you & missing you like crazy

Even When Your Away I want to Still Be Able to Smell Your Cologne ... You Always Wear My Favorite 

If Only I could I Kiss You ... But It Would Only Complicate Things .... Only Complicate Things 

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