Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Afraid to Love and to Live 
Always self-conscience of action
Rude and Funny 
Loving and Understanding but needy 
The looks that live in the eyes are the ones no one ever sees 
Living is more than what it seems, the need of belong is more of the job 
Kisses and hugs are like commitments and SEX is a marriage
Damage so many times and lied to is a death sentence in the book of Romance 
Craving the day when everything said would be believable 
Lies would not be told and the truth would be somewhere near the surface of the heart 
Faithful should not be the cause of Trustworthy 
These words should be the bond that holds the pieces together

I always Love fast and live slow!
Maybe I will see the day that I will be LOVED back 
I have everything I need
Just maybe the things I want would be the things I do not need 
I love Easy and Live life soooooo Slow! 
Ah ha ha Maybe one day I'll realize that I don't need Love! 
Love is now Dead in my book until I am LOVED 1st.......  

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