Sunday, May 9, 2010


Today is Mother's Day && yesterday I took my mom to get her toes done 
While I was receiving a pedicure as well I realize how much this lady really loves me 
Since I was a little girl she would always try her hardest to give me what I wanted
I was an only child for about five years before [[Annie]] came along "I Love my little Sister" 
As a little girl I remember the walks to the pizza place or the Chinese Store....back then in Philadelphia transportation wasn't a B I G deal. 
The walks from the grocery store and how I always had to carry the bread and didn't want to.... lol 
So I would tell my mom how heavy the bag was so I wouldn't have to carry the ONE LOAF of bread 
=) Those were the days, The times I would beg my mom for a dollar to get Ice Cream from the Ice cream truck then complain when I didn't eat the Ice Cream quick enough and started to melt down my =) Those times were the stories my mother tells my friends of how prissy I was.....  I was sooo young and never realize how much my mother was working hard for me, to provide the things she did provide for me.
It was always just me and her....
She worked All week so on Saturday Mornings she'll sleep in while I watched the movie THE LITTLE RASCALS, ha ha I would play that movie over and over again just so my mommy could sleep, Because normally when she would wake up she'll take me to the park up the street. 
I enjoyed those times and when my little sister came along I begun to change and been the same ever since  
I was no longer an only child I was an older sister and my mommy need me as a helper 
I would stay up with my mom and help her with Annie. I love those two...I was so protective of my sister 
So many days I miss my mommy and she could be in the next room....When we moved to NC away from my dad and other local family members I would always dread when my mom went to work.
I found myself growing up pretty fast and becoming mature before it was need...only because I saw that mom need me more than anything.
Saturday mornings were always the best in my house.  
It normally meant Breakfast at some restaurant and shopping && movies for the rest of the day. 
I have always been able to have an open relationship with my mother...and I love her so very much
When I become a Mother I want to love kids with just as much love and pride as she Loved my sister and I

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