Thursday, October 28, 2010

F*k U

I Never Understood why as a child I was always by myself in daycare and grade school
Then I Realized that I never like the students that were around me
They were all into what everyone else had and I was more on the level of .... Doing ME iGuess
Throughout grade school I always had one friend as a best friend
I never hung out with a bunch of females I always tried to stay to myself.
To me I always thought females were like ANTS they always running around trying to find the next person to bite.
I seen so many of my classmates get stabbed in the back by a so-called friend so I said said Fuck 'em I never needed them! Everything I needed was at home.
But when I realized how selective I was about Females I was Extremely picky about the males I kept in my company.
---My 1st boyfriend was a thug trying to live the fast life and I was only in the 6th grade so I didn't know any better that he was no good. I stood by him all the way up to my 8th grade,,,I left him because he was craving for a kid -&& I was only 15 that nigga had to go! =\ Now his 21 with two kids by 2 different females and all of the sudden he wants to go back to college.

after him I decided I my next boyfriend who be nothing like him.....

Now I see myself searching for something that I realize that I do not need.
I spend many nights alone and at times I get bothered by it but in actuality
I'm comfortable being single!
-&& to all the females and males trying to live my life I send a simple FUCK YOU

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